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Hurricane Season in Hawai'i: Protect Your Home

8/15/2019 (Permalink)

Hurricane Heading for Hawaii. In case of a hurricane or tropical storm prepare your home with year to year upkeep.

Protect Your Kailua Home Against Threats of a Storm

Hurricane season is June 1st- November 30th. With hurricanes and tropical storms being an almost annual threat, taking precaution to protect your Kailua home against storm damage is a necessity. 

It is simple and easy to be prepared for storm season if your home is up-kept throughout the year. There are simple steps you can take to prevent damage to your home. 

Year to Year Upkeep:

  • Repair Roofing
      1. Any damaged or missing shingles should be replaced! If a shingle is damaged it is likely to fly off in a storm and potentially cause new risks as a flying object or even lead to water damage within your home.If a shingle is missing that causes a gap for wind to rip out other shingles.
  • Repair Siding
      1. The rules for roofing almost exactly matches with repairing siding. Throughout the year, watch for any damaged siding and replace it to better ensure your homes safety.
  • Clean Your Gutters
      1. Keep your gutters clear and free flowing to allow water to flow in the proper direction. Make certain your downspouts flow away from your foundation. 
  • Confirm Water Can Flow Away From Your Home
      1. Water damage to your foundation is detrimental for your home. Not to mention, expensive to repair. Make certain any water can  flow to a drain, ditch, or proper retention area.
  • Keep Your Sump Pump in Working Order
      1. If your home has a sump pump, needs one, or you’re looking into getting a back up, make sure it is in working condition. In keeping your sump pump in working order you will have extra comfort in a storm that your home will be safe from low level flooding.
  • Verify Proper Sealing of Doors and Windows
      1. Strong winds only needs a small opening to break, or enlarge an opening in your home, possibly causing greater damage in your home, such as windows, doors, siding to be torn from your home.
  • Keep Fence Posts Secure
      1. To ensure your fence posts do not become hazards in a storm, walk through your yard and check for any loose or wiggling fences. In strong or even tropical storm winds they may be ripped from your yard and become hazardous flying objects carried by winds.
  • Yard Upkeep
    1. Keep palm trees clean by cutting all dry, dead, or dangling palm fronds.
    2. Trim any other trees, bushes, or shrubbery to prevent breakage during high winds of a hurricane or tropical storm. These broken branches can become hazardous in the high winds of a storm.
    3. Keep your yard clean and clear of any loose objects that may become subject to high winds as they may become hazardous.

If you know a storm is coming Walk Through Your Yard. Check again for any objects that may become projectiles. This may include any yard furniture, pots, decorations, toys, or debris. In a storm these objects may be picked up by high winds and become flying hazards for you or your home.

 If you have been hit by a storm call SERVPRO at (808)235-5015. We specialize in restoration and reconstruction services for fire damage, mold, and storms. Call today for an inspection.

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