What our Customers say...


Zai coordinated all the different jobs in a timely manner. They did a great job patching the holes in my wall, and painting it. They also did a great job in cleaning my carpet due to water damage. I would recommend this company to my friends and family.

We noticed mold in our bathroom ceiling and wall which was a concern for my mother’s allergies and health. Through a referral from my sister we called SERVPRO and they came by with an inspection and gave some options and an estimate. They were thorough and did a great job, Mahalo to Frank, Mike and Gene, we are so happy with the renovated space, my mom say’s
“It feels so good now”. Thanks to the whole crew!

Zai Gimeno was very friendly, efficient and she knew what she was doing. The whole crew have experience in all aspects of the job. I would recommend SERVPRO to do any job.

SERVPRO was fast to respond and begin the mitigation process for water damage in my bathroom. Their communication and level of customer service is outstanding. Frank, Michael, and Jien did a great job installing new floor, drywall, and tile. They were able to complete the work faster than expected. Thank you very much. I recommend SERVPRO of Kailua.

We were fortunate to have Zai, Roger and their whole team. We were impressed with their efficiency, professionalism, friendliness and their ‘we can do it’ attitude. Zai’s ability to multitask and stay on top of things amazed me, always informing us what was happening. We appreciated their work ethics and their determination to complete each day’s tasks and always cleaning up. They patiently listened to our needs & gave great suggestions. They were always positive and cheerful.

  Zai and her team is very nice friendly worker, they do a good job and very helpful and concern. Thankful and appreciated for all the job that come out, I highly recommend SERVPRO of Kailua to others for their services.

Zai and her team was great! She always quick to answer my questions and is very helpful! Easy to work with, finish job fast, and house looks better before damaged! They clean up after their mess and painted my walls which was a plus! I would recommend them!


We have been working with SERVPRO Kailua long time as a flooring supplier. Frank and his 6 installers are very reliable, responsible and detail oriented.
They are really good team workers. Their priority are customer satisfaction and high quality of work. There are no any callbacks, as they provide the highest quality of craftsmanship.
Frank's communication skills are top notch. He updates his clients about every step of project. His knowledge and expertise help the clients to navigate through the projects and bring them peace of mind and joy.
One of the best things that helps to flow the project smoothly is a planning ahead. Materials are ordered in advance, so the clients will wait min time. Frank, Michael and Jordan are great project managers to work with.

Zai Gimeno and her team were awesome and worked very fast. Communication was quick and efficient. Her team was very flexible and trustworthy, great experience overall. Zai is an absolute girl boss!!

  I have known Frank (Project Manager of SERVPRO) for about a year and half now. He is one of our loyal customers here at Golden Cabinet. Frank and his Team can work various projects; ranging from kitchen renovation, flooring, bathroom upgrade, shower doors installation, etc. I highly recommend Frank’s Team when it comes to modern reconstruction.

  Frank and Allen were easy to work with...professional, friendly, flexible to my schedule, and most important did the job to SERVPRO's motto.."like it never happened". Thank you again!

Stephen and I are very glad that our insurance company, Allstate, recommended us to go with SERVPRO of Kailua. Their Project Manager, Frank, walked us thru the process of reconstruction - from ordering the right materials, kept us updated with the progress and final walk thru. Thank you for sending us your best workers (Frank, Chad and X). We highly recommend SERVPRO of Kailua. ??????!

Mizu-more no higai ni attanode, servepro ni shuri no irai o shimashita. Shuri ni hairu mae kara, wakari yasuku setsumei o shite kure, kochira kara no sodan ni mo shinsetsu ni kotaete kuremashita. Shuri ga hajimaru to, teineide hayai shigotodeshita.

I was damaged by a water leak, so I asked serve pro to repair it.
Even before the repair started, he explained in an easy-to-understand manner and kindly answered the consultation from here.
When the repair started, it was a polite and quick job.
I am very happy.
I really want to recommend serve pro to my friends.
Thank you very much to Frank and everyone else (Allen, Mark)!

Kono kaisha o riyo shite, totemo manzoku shite imasu. Totemo teineina shigoto o shite kuremashita. Kono sagyo ni kakawatte kureta furanku, maikeru ando Jien

(I am very happy to use this company.
He did a very polite job.
Was involved in this work Frank, Michael and Jien)

My unit had a sewage backup in the kitchen and SERVPRO was contacted to do the clean up, mitigation, removal of my kitchen cabinets, and estimate on damages and repairs.

Billy was the contact person for SERVPRO. When contacted, Billy responded in a timely manner, always returning phone calls & emails. He is patient, compassionate, professional, courteous, accommodating, always going over and beyond the call.

The occupants living in the unit has five small children, the youngest being three weeks old. They were left without access to an operating kitchen. Billy set up a temporary counter top with a sink and running water to accommodate the needs of this family. I thank him and his crew, Matt and Josh for all their hard work and dedication.

Mahalo nui loa and God bless all of you.

Rocky & Lorna Sanches

Our house got flooded from a broken water heater this past Sunday. My Dad and I have carpet and wooden cabinets in our home.  And Dad thought quickly to do the emergency water shut off. When I called our state farm insurance rep, they gave me the number for SERVPRO. That which I called (the woman was named Johanna idk about the spelling) and spoke with someone who was able to get things rolling for us. There are two individuals that I would love to praise, as they have made our mitigation/restoration process a much easier one amidst all the chaos... Matt and Josh from SERVPRO Kailua. Josh from Kailua has been very instrumental in our recovery process, and has worked diligently to schedule assessments. He was able to get us an appointment for consult that was immediate and fitting with our schedule. Enter in Matt, he is the drive of the operation (the heavy lifter if you will), and a very vital part to our process. The morning after we were flooded, Matt was the person who came to do our assessment. Not only was he was punctual, very respectful and helpful. He was able to explain the entire process to my Dad and I. I feel that SERVPRO definitely has some great people working for them. I share this as a thankful and humble daughter. Sometimes my Dad has a hard time understanding, as English is not his first language. Matt was able to speak with my dad in both English and his mother tongue (Samoan) so that my Dad could fully understand the process that he and the SERVPRO Kailua team would be facilitating for us. We haven't been to many places that would take the time to converse with him, so that he too could understand and feel fully enveloped in the process of things. Other places we've been to just speak directly to my sister or I since we speak and understand English. Coming from a family where culture and respect of our elders means so much, I am truly blessed to have had the pleasure of working with Matt.


You answered their phone at 9:00 p.m. and courteously and gladly scheduled a time to come inspect my water leak. THANK YOU!
Louise Ahnen also did a great job calling to follow up with me after their team came over. She emailed all the parties involved which saved me some times-- something in short supply right now with all the problems I'm addressing for this repair.
This company has been a breath of fresh air.
I also want to thank SHELBY. That is a hard working, thoughtful, and expertly qualified lady! I had lots of questions and she patiently and comprehensively explained all of them.
Tell the owner this lady needs to be paid whatever it takes to keep her: bonus, promotion, commission--whatever. She's skillful and a bigger asset than perhaps you guys realize.

Taos puso akong nagpapasalamat sa team ni Sir Frank V. at sa mga tauhan neto dahil sa kanyang tulong ay ipinaliwanag ng mabuti sa amin ang kanilang gagawin sa proyektong gagawin sa bahay nmin, Ang proyektong ginawa ay pagpapalit sa sahig na nabaha,, tulungan kang mamili ng mga kulay at kung ano ang gusto mong ilagay, sila ay madaling lapitan at ipapaliwag ng maayos ang ka kanilang gagawin,, akoy nagagalak dahil maayos at malinis ang kanilang trabaho,, at higit sa lahat ginawa at natapos ng mas maaga. Translated from Filipino to English-I sincerely thank the team of Sir Frank V. and the staff neto for his help explained well to us what they will do with the project to be done at home nmin, The project done is replacing the flooded floor ,, help you shop of colors and what you want to put, they are easy to approach and will explain well to you what they will do ,, I am glad because their work is neat and clean ,, and mainly made and finished earlier.

I had the best experience ever with SERVPRO Kailua! The project manager, Frank, was so easy to work with and made sure the job was done well & Allen, the subcontractor, did an amazing job! Frank was quick and professional and completed the work in one day. If u ever need repairs, contact SERVPRO of Kailua.

5 Star review!

Very happy with my new kitchen. Frank and his Team did a fantastic job! Frank was easy to work with, and kept us informed daily on progress. I was very impressed how fast it was completed. They even clean up good, never experienced that before. Good job Frank! I will definitely use SERVPRO again. Mahalo!

Special thanks to Frank's Reconstruction team for renovating our house. We highly recommend SERVPRO of Kailua!

These guys responded quickly and efficiently. Josh and Matthew were very professional. I would work with them again.

Had a sewage leak in my house. Not pretty.  Josh was my first contact. Had staff there pretty quick to start the long clean up process. Very efficient. He was great with updates.
Once ready for remodeling, Billy and crew,including Jordyn and Frank, took care of my needs and had my place looking better than before.
Being 2500 miles away during most of the remodel was a potential problem but Billy worked with me on the issues it posed.
Shout out to Shelby for meeting me near Makiki for a payment. Running short on time on a weekend visit, it was a blessing.
Hope not to encounter this type of problem again, but SERVPRO Kailua will definitely be first on my list.
Thanks Billy. Appreciate you all.

Hello Michael,

Your employee Frank Vasquez has kindly requested if we could provide you results of our customer review for the repair work done at our unit mentioned above. It's been a year since we have been trying to restore our walls due to plumbing issues.  However, to no fault of Frank that it took this long, both LD and I both have had challenging health issues.  I had a stroke about (3)years ago unable to use my left side of my body.  LD is undergoing chemotherapy and recently had emergency surgery around New Year's Eve. Frank has been very patient and stayed in touched with us hoping to find the perfect time to coordinate the repair work.  As it turned out, since LD was still recovering from his surgery, we were able to get the job done. We are extremely pleased with Frank.  He is conscientious and saw through it that his crew did the work properly even after the cleanup.  We are amazed of the workmanship.  We couldn't believe how well they patched up the "holes in wall".  We find Frank to be very professional and very understanding of our situation.  We highly commend him and your consideration for his outstanding performance. Thank you very much for your attention to this matter.

Sincerely yours,


Great company. Their professionalism was apparent from the start. Andy, Seth, and Adam all worked tirelessly to ensure the job was completed quickly so my family and I could get back to normal life. I really appreciated how quick they were to respond to communication, and answer all of our questions.

I love the SERVPRO of Kailua North/Laie team. They are reliable, committed to getting the job done right, professional, and provide a great cost for the excellent service they provide. They clearly care about their customers which goes a long way! Thanks!!

The folks at SERVPRO were incredible. Thank you Billy for your professionalism and responsiveness. They were in constant communication with me. They were what we needed in light of a bad situation. Absolutely recommend!

Billy from SERVPRO did a GREAT JOB! Excellent Customer Service. He was very thorough and on time. Billy was patient and explained the entire process---from cradle to grave. We are very grateful for his service. Mahalo

Had a second floor plumbing leak which was dripping through the ceiling downstairs. SERVPRO was super fast to get out to me with dehumidifiers and dryers, installed fast, and provided expert tips to keep from further damage occurring. Andrew Maras and Seth Brush were our technicians and they kicked butt. Seth is a former state champion wrestler and could probably move any piece of furniture you own single-handedly. He was carrying around drying equipment like it was nothing. I highly recommend this business.

Adam and Brittany, employees of SERVPRO, cleaned my carpet, a fabric recliner some mildew walls on Monday Dec 18, 2017. They were both friendly, professional, efficient and knowledgeable. They used large blower fans to speed up the drying process.
I have a blue color carpet and was concerned of loss of color from any chemicals that might be used for the process. Well not so, Adam explained the process, I learned a lot and my carpet color was more vibrant with the cleaning. The texture of the carpet --soft -- to my happy feet.

Brittany was also helpful with her organizational and cleaning skills. Both employees blessed me with the care they took of my home, as if it were their own. TU Brittany and Adam.

Adam and Seth came over briefly today Thursday, Jan. 4, 2018, to assist with clean up of a few carpet stains I made over the New Year holiday. Again very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and educated me what to do if I have a repeat of the same stains.
TU To SERVPRO for employing, training, and sending forth these individuals who r part of a business that does a reputable, knowledgeable job for the consumer.

Their office receptionist Tiffany, represents SERVPRO well by her friendly demeanor and prompt follow thru of setting up appointments.

Mahalo to SERVPRO for their choice of employees and obvious ability to keep these employees happy and feeling important enough to represent their company well.

My husband and I had a major water leakages (that's exactly how we felt) over 3 weeks ago and of course this was unexpected. We were given the name of SERVPRO to contact for demolition and restoration.

So, we did and from the day one, in a midst of this chaos, having the workers from the SERVPRO has been a blessing (strangely worded.)

They were very personable, professional, informative and hard workers, and did I mention they do a great job! 

We came to realize that it was due to the owner, Mr. Andrew Maras of the SERVPRO how he conducts his business and how he treats his workers. He himself has been stopping by periodically to check how things have been going and if workers need a hand, he is the first one to do so and that alone gives customers a comforting feeling.

The work is still going on yet I am already giving this company the highest rating because I am confident that their work ethics will not change.  Yes, it is so hard to find companies you can trust but this one is real! 

My husband and I highly commend this company if anyone experiencing the similar problems. Just call and you will not regret it. 

Absolutely recommended. Billy and the rest of the crew did an outstanding job. Always professional and prompt. Easy to work with and very knowledgeable with what they do.

Andy and Joe provided me and my family top-notch service throughout the entire process.  Leak from upstairs bathroom on a Sunday;  No problem, Andy was at my house in Ewa from Kailua w/in 2 hours of making the phone call to mainland(during the playoffs!!).

Joe was equally professional, excellent, patient and accommodating as well.  He was in contact with me daily updating me on progress and what to expect.  He even made a special trip just to meet me to close out the process and make sure I had and was aware of everything I needed to move forward.

This is the second time going thru a restoration process for me and it was a night and day experience.  If looking for whom to choose for restoration needs, look no further than these guys!

My kitchen sink pipe broke and flooded my kitchen. I was referred to SERVPRO by my home insurance company. Seth came to my home for an initial assessment. He is so knowledgeable, caring  and very professional.  He took the time to explain the process to me and answered all my questions. 

Seth and his crew are so friendly and efficient. They did an amazing job from start to finish. I'm so please with their work.   They made the clean up process very easy and stress free. I would highly recommend their services.

I hope you will never need their services. But if you do - do not hesitate calling. Super professional company! They have the newest equipment and technology, and will go extra mile to make sure whether it's water or fire damage that you have, will be taken care the very best way. Highly recommended!

I love the SERVPRO of Kailua North/Laie team.  They are reliable, committed to getting the job done right,  professional, and provide a great cost for the excellent service they provide.  They clearly care about their customers which goes a long way!  Thanks!!

SERVPRO of Kailua are a wonderful company. The owners Glenna and Andy Maras are just the people you need to be helping you when you've had some kind of disaster in your home. I recently had a small flood after the recent storms, and I wanted to make sure that the walls were completely dry before fixing the damage. As a health practitioner I know the serious damage to your health that mold can do. So I asked SERVPRO to come in and check, he immediately saw that the walls were not completely dry, using his fabulous thermal machine, and so they brought fans sealed off the area and dried the wall. The service was quick clean and compassionate. I highly  recommend SERVPRO Kailua.

We live in a condo and unfortunately that means we are susceptible to all kinds of mishaps.  Last week a fourth floor washing machine broke and it leaked all the way down thru our floor (2nd) to the basement.  I woke up earlier than I usually do on my day off and was surprised by a bathroom floor completely flooded.  There was water coming thru the tiles in the ceiling and it was just NOT what I wanted on my DAY OFF!!

When SERVPRO finally arrived (because they had to work their way down the floors, they determined with their moisture monitors that a wall was completely saturated on the INSIDE, and there was moisture in various parts of the bathroom ceiling and other walls that were covered with tile.  They set up 2 blowers and a large dehumidifier machine and sectioned off that part of our house with plastic to contain the dryers and the heat.

We lived with those machines for 4 days.  It was loud, and HOT and ran continuously because it had to dry that wall.  We were worried about our electric bill but we were told that the insurance would cover it.

Workers: Very patient (especially with tenants like myself who have very little time for nonsense, lol); pleasant; informative; flexible.  My husband and I work at night and sleep during the day.  I asked if they could come later in the day and they were very accommodating.  The owner, Andy, is very knowledgeable and works quickly.  

Job quality: They set equipment up in the best way possible that would not disrupt our daily routine too much.  I appreciated their efforts.  

I had a leaky water heater in a condo I listed that was in escrow. It was at the same time as the east Honolulu floods and I couldn't find ANYONE to come out and help me and inspection was in 3 days. Ryan showed up and took care of everything super fast! He was responsive, on top of things, and very available anytime I called or had questions. Ryan had everything dried out and taken care of before inspection and even tested it for us so we were all good. The big boss Seth even came at the end to check everything himself and make sure it was properly taken care of before they removed all the equipment. Seth pushed the stove and fridge back for me with his big muscles when he didn't have to!!!

During a loss I had, I have never experience a bad situation with this Company. I had a fire damage and they took care of it. The office staff were really kind and made me feel that everything was going to be alright, specially the ladies who stayed all day just to get all my things clean from the fire. I seen great team work and great quality work. Thank you SERVPRO for your help!

Our family want to say Thank you very much to Mr. Chase Blondin and posted 5 star+++! His attitude and quality of work was excellent. We strongly recommend for solving when happened any damage to your home. Thank you Chase!! : )

Chase was very professional and courteous,all of which was accomplished on a holiday weekend. We were highly pleased with the company and services.

I'm writing to commend your crew who worked to mitigate the damage caused by high wind and water to my house on Sunday, February 5, 2017.  

Joe, Rico, and Gerrymie did a superb job.  The were extremely conscientious, hardworking, friendly, courteous, and professional. They showed up when they said they would.  They know what to do to get the damaged areas back in shape and they did it quickly and effectively.  The upstairs room is clean and dry; the debris from the collapsed ceiling has been removed; the huge sheets of roofing that were blown into the yard (and my neighbors yard) have been picked up and removed.  And they did it with a friendly helpful attitude.

I thank each one of them for their helpfulness, professionalism, and competence.  I will recommend SERVPRO, and particularly your office, in the future.

Sincere Aloha!

Joe did a great job and was very professional in his work. We appreciated his thorough cleanup and restoration of our property. He was prompt and very responsive to our request for immediate assistance. We would totally recommend him and his crew- they were fabulous!

Andy did a great job handling the water and mold damages in our home. He was sent by our insurance company and we're grateful for his expertise and compassion.  Would highly recommend this trust worthy company to anyone.

SERVPRO has been a huge life saver. I haven't found anyone who is more caring and they moved so quickly to help me! I'm so thankful for their professional team. Andy and Glenna are definitely the best at what they do!

5 star service from Chase! He explained everything he did and worked very hard and efficiently. I am very pleased with SERVPRO and the work that Chase did. I would definitely recommend them to family and friends.

Andy and his office staff are awesome! Treated us great and make the process or restoration simple and easy to understand. I highly recommend them.

One of my staff left a hose out of my utility sink and didn't turn the water off completely. During the course of the night, my utility closet as well as the hallway next to it flooded.

I made the call to SERVPRO and a short while later they arrived, and went to work. It only took them a little while to finish but they did such a good job. I would highly recommend them to everyone if you are ever in need of water extraction!!!

Mold was growing rampant in our bathroom, so I called your team in for help. You took care of the leak causing it and cleaned up all the mold. I’m telling everyone I know about you!

My family’s hotel business developed smelly mold and I called SERVPRO, they came and assessed the damage found the fungus and got rid of the smell from every room and as a result we were able to keep our business open. SERVPRO is a company that really care about you and your business.

I live in a high rise in downtown and got flooded when my upstairs neighbor left his bath running. Andy answered immediately and sent Jomar to handle my case. Jo provided excellent service. Kept me updated all along the way and made a really stressful situation a little more manageable. He dealt directly with my insurance regarding the extraction, cleaned up after he left, and always showed up or called when he said he would. Excellent! Would definitely use them again (tho hope I never have to).

I own a real estate and property management company - so with some regularity we are dealing with water intrusion (leaking water heaters, broken pipe, etc.) It is great to know that Glenna and Andy Maras are always quick to respond and able to mitigate damages. They also have a carpet cleaning service and with their powerful, truck-mounted equipment we've been able to salvage some carpet that we thought might need replacing between tenants. The team at SERVPRO is top notch!

Contacted Glenna to help me clean up after two bathrooms in the house backed up and overflowed.  Her team came out within hours and helped me to assess the situation.  Not only did they disinfect and help me dry out the affected areas of the house, but they also helped me find a plumber to fix the problem that caused the backup.  Her team was friendly and quick.  And they did a great job cleaning up and drying the house out.  I didn't have to worry about the clean up and could just focus on getting my family calm and back into their routine.

Andy and Glenna were terrific in resolving our water and mold issues.  We were well informed via photos, emails, and phone as we were on the mainland during the entire process.  They were very friendly, professional, and quickly gained our complete trust.  Would recommend them with no hesitation.

Andy, Dave, Jon, and the crew did a fine professional job responding to an extensive leak on a Sunday morning (isn't it always on a Sunday?) in a second floor condo unit in Kailua. They worked quickly with great coordination and speed. The tenant, property manager, resident manager and owner were continuously kept apprised of the situation. Follow up was great and on schedule. They delivered what they promised and it was a pleasure to have them working for us. We were all treated respectfully and they never tired of explaining the same issues repeatedly for each of us individually. They answered our questions and concerns with patience and courtesy. Our resident manager made the call to use them and we can see why. There is no other company but SERVPRO Kailua North/Laie for us in the future. We hope to never have to call them again (we have had our quota of emergencies for this year!) but we highly recommend them should the sudden unexpected need arise.

I am typically a "do-it-yourself" kind of girl and hate to pay money for a job that I believe I can do well. I own a carpet cleaner and typically will clean my carpets every several months or so. This last time I did it...I found that a day or so after I had cleaned my carpets, they were actually dirtier than they were before I cleaned them. Also it had been raining and they never throughly dried out...my house smelled like mildew. Glenna to the rescue! They typically are used to cleaning up after major flooding or fire/water damage, I felt silly calling for such a "small job"...she happily responded and set up a time for one of her crew to come help me out. The service member was on time, courteous, fast and professional. They got the stain I was concerned with out and the mildew smell was gone! I will recommend this company to anyone as well as use them again. Thank you!!

Andy and Glenna are so professional and kind. They moved quickly on my behalf and have done everything possible to help me in every way. Everyone that I met with SERVPRO was professional and never stopped working. They give 100% all the time and are the best in the business!

Jomar, is a caring field agent!  He has good people skills and works his job with integrity and more.

I recently was asked to watch over my neighbors home while she left on an extended 3 week holiday.  We share an adjacent wall.

Tomoe Clancy had major water leak from her toilet upstairs causing water damage upstairs and downstairs.   They called your company SERVPRO to help dry up the place.

Though I'm just a neighbor in charge of letting in your work crew in and out of the Clancy home, I was totally interested in your dry up process.

I mentioned to Jomar I had a problem too. He agreed to come over to my home and access the water damage. He also took a moisture reading.  

Jomar was helpful in explaining what the process was and how the process works with machines. He also reported that your company will follow through whether it took 2 weeks or more.... the dehumidifier and blowers would run until the moisture readings were correct.   He has been here 3 different times to monitor and evaluate my neighbors house.  Today he removed remaining equipment.  The Clancy job is now finished.

I'm just a bystander impressed with this operations manager

Joe was awesome. He called us everyday and explained what was happening, what he was going to do, and also what he did. Very professional. Jake was also very helpful. I'd highly recommend them.. on a good note I hope to never see them again!! Lol.. but if I do have any problems I'd call them for sure! !

Our family wants to say thank you very much to Mr. Chase Blondin. His attitude and quality of work was excellent. We strongly recommend him for solving problems that come from flooding that damages your home.

Andy and Glenna Maras, the owners did a great job with a recent challenge with my home and were professional, friendly, clean and communicated well every step of the way. I highly recommend their company if you ever have the unfortunate need for this type of service. truly appreciate their attitude and work.

Glenna and Andy are THE BEST! They are knowledgeable, professional and friendly! They provide excellent service. I would highly recommend them to everyone! Thank you Glenna and Andy for all you do!

It has been a real pleasure to know and work with Glenna Maras, of SERVPRO of Kailua.  She and her Husband really know how to handle the tough issues regarding water damage and fire damage to buildings and homes. . I am very concerned about mold esp. in Hawaii climate, and know we can depend on Glenna and SERVPRO to take care of these issues professionally and safely.  Thank you so much Glenna!

It's one of those things you hope you never need but when disaster strikes it's nice to know that Glenna and Andy have the skills to bring your place back like it never happened. You would be amazed at the "before and after" pictures of some of their work. Highly recommended!

Contracted Christy and Ricky to clean the apartment I was moving out of. I thought they did solid work given the scope of the job I had laid out for them, but my landlord complained about several corners with dust, a couple of tiny streaks on Windows and floors, and the storage space which hadn't been cleaned (due to miscommunication, not negligence). These two had such professional integrity that they came back the day after we talked and knocked out the areas of discrepancy, free of charge. I would hire them again in a heartbeat, and I will recommend them to anyone I come across.

I needed to have my carpets cleaned and saw an ad on Facebook so I called and got an estimate. It was a great deal so I made an appointment. Kristi and Ricky showed up right on time. They were nice, professional, and their work was excellent. If you're looking for an honest, professional, and reliable company with excellent service, call SERVPRO Kailua/North Laie!

This is the second time Joe came out to my house to help us out.

The first time I had a flood downstairs. Joe was very professional and fast in cleaning the mess.

The second time I called was today, a Sunday - he came out as soon as he could.

We really appreciate his timeliness, patience and professionalism during these stressful situations.

I highly recommend him. Knock on wood - I won't need him again, but if I do I would definitely call Joe!

I live in a high rise in downtown and got flooded when my upstairs neighbor left his bath running. Andy answered immediately and sent Jomar to handle my case. Jo provided excellent service. Kept me updated all along the way and made a really stressful situation a little more manageable. He dealt directly with my insurance regarding the extraction, cleaned up after he left, and always showed up or called when he said he would. Excellent! Would definitely use them again (tho hope I never have to

Jomar, Zack and Joel,

Thank you for everything! I really appreciate all the help cleaning the mess. I could have never taken care of it on my own. The water was everywhere and you guys came in and took care of it, my home looks better now than it did before my pipe broke.


 Jomar, and Chase were both excellent as project managers and Rico and Wally were both very hard workers too. Your team was excellent and kept me laughing during a difficult time which helped make the longs days better!

Also, Jo would touch base with me daily that was a plus!

Andy and Glenna Maras, the owners did a great job with a recent challenge with my home and were professional, friendly, clean and communicated well every step of the way. I highly recommend their company if you ever have the unfortunate need for this type of service. truly appreciate their attitude and work.

Andy did a great job for me here in my home. I was nervous about letting somebody cut up my sheet rock in my living room after I had a flood. Andy really new what he was doing and left me feeling very comfortable with the whole mitigation process.

SERVPRO came after my toilets backed up from my neighbors apartment. WHAT A MESS! They came in and clean it up. Smelly, gross mess all gone. I couldn't even start to clean that up my self. NO WAY! Whole house smells better now than ever before.

SERVPRO was very prompt and polite. They were very sensitive to my needs as a chemo patient. My pipe broke under my sink in my Kitchen and mold started to grow before I could get it fixed. My immune system is very weak due to being in chemo right now. They took extra care to make sure that no harmful air born mold spores spread through out my home. I would defiantly recommend them to anyone that has had and water damage to there home. Andy and Jon you did a great job. Thanks.

I own a distribution company with a warehouse full of supplies that I ship out all over the us. When my warehouse flooded, Andy and Glenna got the problem taken care of right a way and business was back to normal in no time.

I HATE CATS!. I moved into a house that had a very strong cat urine odor. I had read about how to get rid of it online and tried to get rid of it myself. I tried and tried with no success. Andy used his SERVPRO Bright and Neutral cleaner and then sealed the floor. Thank you! Did I mention I hate cats.

I am an asthmatic and have been having breathing difficulties. I could smell a bit of a musty smell in a portion of my home. I couldn't see mold but I could smell it. I hired an Indoor Environmental Professional to come test my home for mold. The test showed higher than normal levels of mold spores in my home. They recommended I call SERVPRO to come take care of the mold. Andy and Jon came to my rescue. They cleaned and treated the area and I really am able to breath so much better now.

I had graffiti on my building. After calling Glenna with SERVPRO she informed that they could get rid of it with out having to repaint the whole wall. No more graffiti on my wall. Thank you Andy and Glenna

The home cleaning services they provided after our home was impacted by a mountain fire was outstanding & beyond measure. The crew was thorough in their cleaning and very professional. What amazed us most was their respectfulness while in our home. We highly recommend SERVPRO Kailua/Laie for your cleaning services. 

"I own a real estate and property management company and SERVPRO of Kailua/Laie is a company we call on and rely on regularly due to needing carpet cleaning services, along with the plumbing breaks, water heater leaks and other flooding/water damage issues. They are professional and when you call for their services quickly, a lot of the damage can be minimized as they will work to counteract mold growth. Don't hesitate to call manager Glenna if you need any help from SERVPRO - she's awesome!"