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Commercial Testimonials

We live in a condo and unfortunately that means we are susceptible to all kinds of mishaps.  Last week a fourth floor washing machine broke and it leaked all the way down thru our floor (2nd) to the basement.  I woke up earlier than I usually do on my day off and was surprised by a bathroom floor completely flooded.  There was water coming thru the tiles in the ceiling and it was just NOT what I wanted on my DAY OFF!!

When SERVPRO finally arrived (because they had to work their way down the floors, they determined with their moisture monitors that a wall was completely saturated on the INSIDE, and there was moisture in various parts of the bathroom ceiling and other walls that were covered with tile.  They set up 2 blowers and a large dehumidifier machine and sectioned off that part of our house with plastic to contain the dryers and the heat.

We lived with those machines for 4 days.  It was loud, and HOT and ran continuously because it had to dry that wall.  We were worried about our electric bill but we were told that the insurance would cover it.

Workers: Very patient (especially with tenants like myself who have very little time for nonsense, lol); pleasant; informative; flexible.  My husband and I work at night and sleep during the day.  I asked if they could come later in the day and they were very accommodating.  The owner, Andy, is very knowledgeable and works quickly.  

Job quality: They set equipment up in the best way possible that would not disrupt our daily routine too much.  I appreciated their efforts.  

I had a leaky water heater in a condo I listed that was in escrow. It was at the same time as the east Honolulu floods and I couldn't find ANYONE to come out and help me and inspection was in 3 days. Ryan showed up and took care of everything super fast! He was responsive, on top of things, and very available anytime I called or had questions. Ryan had everything dried out and taken care of before inspection and even tested it for us so we were all good. The big boss Seth even came at the end to check everything himself and make sure it was properly taken care of before they removed all the equipment. Seth pushed the stove and fridge back for me with his big muscles when he didn't have to!!!

One of my staff left a hose out of my utility sink and didn't turn the water off completely. During the course of the night, my utility closet as well as the hallway next to it flooded.

I made the call to SERVPRO and a short while later they arrived, and went to work. It only took them a little while to finish but they did such a good job. I would highly recommend them to everyone if you are ever in need of water extraction!!!

I live in a high rise in downtown and got flooded when my upstairs neighbor left his bath running. Andy answered immediately and sent Jomar to handle my case. Jo provided excellent service. Kept me updated all along the way and made a really stressful situation a little more manageable. He dealt directly with my insurance regarding the extraction, cleaned up after he left, and always showed up or called when he said he would. Excellent! Would definitely use them again (tho hope I never have to).

I own a real estate and property management company - so with some regularity we are dealing with water intrusion (leaking water heaters, broken pipe, etc.) It is great to know that Glenna and Andy Maras are always quick to respond and able to mitigate damages. They also have a carpet cleaning service and with their powerful, truck-mounted equipment we've been able to salvage some carpet that we thought might need replacing between tenants. The team at SERVPRO is top notch!

I own a distribution company with a warehouse full of supplies that I ship out all over the us. When my warehouse flooded, Andy and Glenna got the problem taken care of right a way and business was back to normal in no time.