What our Customers say...

Mold Remediation Testimonials

We noticed mold in our bathroom ceiling and wall which was a concern for my mother’s allergies and health. Through a referral from my sister we called SERVPRO and they came by with an inspection and gave some options and an estimate. They were thorough and did a great job, Mahalo to Frank, Mike and Gene, we are so happy with the renovated space, my mom say’s
“It feels so good now”. Thanks to the whole crew!

Andy did a great job handling the water and mold damages in our home. He was sent by our insurance company and we're grateful for his expertise and compassion.  Would highly recommend this trust worthy company to anyone.

Mold was growing rampant in our bathroom, so I called your team in for help. You took care of the leak causing it and cleaned up all the mold. I’m telling everyone I know about you!

My family’s hotel business developed smelly mold and I called SERVPRO, they came and assessed the damage found the fungus and got rid of the smell from every room and as a result we were able to keep our business open. SERVPRO is a company that really care about you and your business.

Andy and Glenna were terrific in resolving our water and mold issues.  We were well informed via photos, emails, and phone as we were on the mainland during the entire process.  They were very friendly, professional, and quickly gained our complete trust.  Would recommend them with no hesitation.

I am typically a "do-it-yourself" kind of girl and hate to pay money for a job that I believe I can do well. I own a carpet cleaner and typically will clean my carpets every several months or so. This last time I did it...I found that a day or so after I had cleaned my carpets, they were actually dirtier than they were before I cleaned them. Also it had been raining and they never throughly dried out...my house smelled like mildew. Glenna to the rescue! They typically are used to cleaning up after major flooding or fire/water damage, I felt silly calling for such a "small job"...she happily responded and set up a time for one of her crew to come help me out. The service member was on time, courteous, fast and professional. They got the stain I was concerned with out and the mildew smell was gone! I will recommend this company to anyone as well as use them again. Thank you!!

I am an asthmatic and have been having breathing difficulties. I could smell a bit of a musty smell in a portion of my home. I couldn't see mold but I could smell it. I hired an Indoor Environmental Professional to come test my home for mold. The test showed higher than normal levels of mold spores in my home. They recommended I call SERVPRO to come take care of the mold. Andy and Jon came to my rescue. They cleaned and treated the area and I really am able to breath so much better now.